Blank Spaces

How many times does it happen when you stare at a blank page or into nothingness, trying to source out inspiration – anything that could make your life more exciting? But rather than receiving inspiration, you’re getting only the sound of crickets in return.

As an empty mind happens to all of us, here are a couple of realistic ways to get back into the midst of making things happen.

I’m not saying get comfortable with having an empty mind. But sometimes, your mind just needs a break. A little rest can go a long way in a sense that out of emptiness, good ideas arise. So, embrace the peace and quiet before your mind gets flooded with ideas again and starts racing.

Change things up. Routines are healthy, I agree. But to some extent, we also need novelty in life. Exploring new things will add new perspectives to the outlook of your life. Don’t paralyze yourself with doing the same thing over and over again. Be creative within your world, and sometimes, just sometimes, try to cross the line of comfort a little to keep yourself on your toes.

Self-care is of the utmost importance when you’re striving to be productive. Take little breaks in between your tasks to feel good. I have found that an especially valuable thing to do in such instances is to wash your hair. It literally gives you a clear perspective on things. I’m however just throwing examples out there and what works for me might not work for you. Be curious about what makes you ease from overthinking into doing and embrace it with practice.

Sometimes, it is even good to lean on those who you love and who love you back. Maybe all you need within the time of your dry spell of ideas is a word of encouragement or the kind that firmly places you on the ground and a different take on your perspective. Stop spinning in circles; rather, look at the situation from a distant viewpoint.

Find out from where you source the most inspiration. For some, it may come from music; for others, from a book. Sometimes, all you have to open is your Pinterest account. Also, don’t forget about the option of moving your muscles a little. Pull up your cutest leggings and a crop top. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. Place your headphones on and start moving. A little fresh air to your lungs and a speed-up circulation will give your energy levels a boost. Moreover, working out has more than one benefit on your mind. It is something I can always rely on.

Go back to the basics. Think of why you are doing the things that you are doing. Having a clean mind on things that you want to achieve can help you see a sturdier path towards where you are going. Embrace the journey. Know in any and every instance that you are one beautiful mind!

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